3TB logical drive, does Windows OS supports?

By | March 14, 2015

Microsoft Windows OS supports up to 2TB of lun whether it is NAS or SAN storage disk, even the spanned volumes also limited to the 2TB size. Now the question arises how to attach 3 Terabyte lun via SAN storage to a windows server operating system. This could be either Physical or Virtual Microsoft OS. Here is the discussion started below on 3TB logical drive, does Windows OS supports? or not

Does Windows Server OS supports larger than 2TB disk?

Windows OS has a limitation of non-bootable data volume size would be maximum 2TB if you want beyond 2TB size, the LUN can be converted as GPT disk. This is an alternative is an advanced partitioning scheme like GUID Partition Table (GPT) which can support 3TB volume. However, this is based on your requirement. However 3TB drive is possible for the physical server via RAID concept.

Please note that we are discussing here related to the SAN storage 3TB lun.

GPT option (GUID) is available only Windows 7 onwards in the Desktop OS and in Server Operating systems like Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and 2012 Server.


3TB SAN Storage LUN Limitations

Which Version of ESXi Supports larger than 2TB LUN?

As per VMware site, ESXi 5.5 onwards it supports more than 2TB LUN size however that is depends on the guest windows operating system limitations. Read more by clicking this link.

What else to be checked if we want to go for 3TB LUN size as a single drive on Windows OS?

Facts to be discussed as like, single drive backup and recovery whether the backup solution what you are using in your environment. If the disk has any errors, whether we have required tools that helps to recover the data or troubleshoot. If this 3TB disk on a Virtual server, will have to check whether bigger size of VMDK file can be backed up etc.

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