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Post Fedora Server upgrade to FC38; Apache httpd server no longer honors Lets Encrypt keys

If you have upgraded your Fedora Server to Fedora 38 and Apache HTTP Server is no longer honoring the Let’s Encrypt keys, there could be a few possible reasons and troubleshooting steps you can take: Apache Configuration Changes: Check if there have been any changes in the Apache configuration files during the Fedora upgrade. Verify… Read More »

VMware Performance Optimization: Tips for Enhancing Virtual Machine Speed

VMware Performance Optimization: Tips for Enhancing Virtual Machine Speed In the world of virtualization, VMware has emerged as a powerful platform for running multiple virtual machines (VMs) on a single physical server. However, ensuring optimal performance and speed for these virtual machines is crucial for a smooth and efficient computing experience. In this article, we… Read More »

Building a High-Performance SQL Cluster on vSphere: Best Practices and Recommendations

Building a new SQL cluster in vCenter requires careful planning and consideration of several factors. Here’s a comprehensive guide covering prerequisites, questions to ask the customer, and recommendations for a highly utilized SQL cluster. Pre-Requisites: Hardware Resources: Ensure that the host servers have adequate CPU, memory, and storage resources to handle the expected workload. Consider… Read More »