Any new esxcli commands added to ESXi 8.0 version?

Yes, there are new esxcli commands that have been added in ESXi 8.0 version. Some of the new commands that have been added include: esxcli security: This command can be used to manage security settings on an ESXi host, including configuring the firewall, securing the boot process, and managing certificates. esxcli vsan: This command can … Read more

vSAN Health Test ‘Hosts disconnected from VC’ alarm

The “Hosts disconnected from VC” alarm in vSAN Health Test is triggered when one or more hosts in a vSAN cluster are disconnected from the vCenter Server. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including network connectivity issues, vCenter Server or host failures, or maintenance activities. When this alarm is triggered, the vSAN cluster … Read more

Which are the backup software vendors supporting VMware vSphere 8 release

There are several backup software vendors that support the VMware vSphere 8 release. Some of the most popular ones include: Veeam: Veeam Backup & Replication is a popular backup and disaster recovery solution that supports vSphere 8. Dell EMC: Dell EMC Data Protection Suite for VMware provides an integrated solution for backup and recovery of … Read more

What is VMware VCP-VMC?

VCP-VMC stands for VMware Certified Professional – VMware vSphere Multi-Cloud. It is a certification program from VMware that demonstrates an individual’s knowledge and skills in managing and configuring vSphere Multi-cloud infrastructure. It is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for managing and deploying vSphere Multi-cloud environments. To become a VCP-VMC, an individual must first … Read more

Is it recommended to have different server hardware models in the same vCenter cluster?

It is generally not recommended to have different server hardware models in the same vCenter cluster. This is because different hardware models may have different specifications, such as different CPU architectures, memory configurations, and storage capabilities. These differences can lead to compatibility issues and can make it difficult to manage the cluster as a whole. … Read more