Why China government bans Windows 8 OS not to use on Computers and Laptops?

By | May 20, 2014

One of the biggest Country in the World and one of the most populated Country has banned the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System on their government used computers. The Central government procurement center is prohibiting the Windows 8 OS to use on government systems and buying new devices with that software. This is confirmed by the Chinese new site Xinhua reports.

This is a government posted message announcing the change in policy late last week. However, this affect only to the government related not to the China consumer market.

The main reason every one talks about the ‘Security’ reasons. Market firm StatCounter states that Windows XP systems make up 44% of desktops in China, while Windows 8 is only installed on 3.4% of computers.

Microsoft yet to respond to the news yet. There is a news came out that Chinese government asked Microsoft the drop the Windows 8 Product price. Windows operating system and its other products usage is little less when compared with other countries, however, China government was a big customer to Microsoft. It safeguards cialis on line you from bacteria and germs by increasing white blood cells. Detoxification is part of a transformational medicine that instills change at many levels. cialis no prescription canada http://davidfraymusic.com/project/read-davids-interview-with-neue-oz/ It does not show any positive order generic cialis Continued impact or cure to erectile dysfunction. If you are starting up mastercard tadalafil with any medicine then make sure you inform your respective doctor about it.

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