Cluster high availability error alarm VMware vCenter Server 6.5

By | March 22, 2020

Cluster high availability error alarm VMware vCenter Server 6.5: In the VMware world, we keep receiving different types of vCenter server alarms to the configured email address in the vCenter alarms.

Today I’ve received the below alarm to my email address –

VMware vCenter – Alarm * Cluster high availability error] vSphere HA initiated a fail over action on 7 virtual machines in cluster.

Does it mean 11 virtual machines have been rebooted by the vSphere HA? Let’s discuss here.

You don’t need to worry when ever you receive this type of alarm message to your mail box.

Cluster high availability error alarm VMware vCenter Server 6.5

Cluster high availability error alarm VMware vCenter Server 6.5

It means, this alarm message will be received in two cases –

Case 1: when ESXi host gets rebooted or down or crashed abruptly (due to server hardware failure)

Case 2: When the host management services restarted manually

In Case 1, it is really a situation when vSphere HA will reboot all the virtual machines on a host when the host gets crashed with a hardware error.

In the above said situation, we can treat that, it is a genuine alert or alarm. But, in Case 2, some times, ESXi host will go into hung state or not responding state.
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At this point in time, all the virtual servers which there on that host will show as “disconnected”.

In fact, though the ESXi host status showing as “not responding”, it will have ping response. To restore the host connectivity, we will just follow the below steps.

Putty SSH to the ESXi host (you don’t need to place the host into maintenance mode here)

Run the below commands –

/etc/init.d/hostd restart

To restart all management agents on the host, run the below command: restart

After you run the above commands, you will receive Cluster high availability error alarm.

In this case, you can just ignore the alarm or error message – Cluster high availability error.

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