EMC Powerpath Service Name, Windows Multipath Commands

By | March 15, 2015

EMC Powerpath supports multipath for the SAN storage on both Windows and Unix environments. Multipath means, it supports the storage path redundancy. If one path fails, there wouldn’t be any outage at the server side. (EMC Powerpath Service Name, Windows Multipath Commands)

In the sense, all the SAN storage data drives would be available in case of a single path failure. There are different multipath solutions depends on the storage vendor we use.

For EMC storage, Powerpath software will be used
For IBM XIV storage, XIV HAK tool will be installed

Like this for HP and other vendor storage support, they have their own mutli-pathing support software available.

Now lets talk about EMC Powerpath Service name. After installing the Powerpath on the OS, you will find the below as a service –

EMC Powerpath Service Name – EmcPowSrv

This can be found at this location – C:\Program Files\EMC\PowerCommon\EmcPowSrv.exe

PowerpathServiceNameTo un-install Powerpath, go to Add/Remove Programs and un-install

Now EMC stopped support for Powerpath 5.5 SP1 or below versions, hence we will have to use only 5.7 SP1 to 6 versions. Click here to download. (EMC Powerpath Service Name, Windows Multipath Commands)

Now lets discuss about EMC Powerpath PowerMT CMD line Commands –

1.powermt display ===> Display High Level HBA I/O Paths
2.powermt display dev=emcpowera ===> Display for specific LUN
3.powermt display dev=all ===> Display All Attached LUNs
4.powermt check_registration ===> Display PowerPath Registration Key / Status
5.powermt display options ===> Display EMC PowerPath Options
6.powermt display hba_mode ===> Display PowerPath HBA Mode
7.powermt display paths ===> Display available I/O Paths.
8.powermt displays port_mode ===> Display Port Status
9.powermt version ===> Display EMC PowerPath Version
10.powermt check ===> Check the I/O Paths

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