Error during quiescing snapshot backup failed with error code 4 status 156

By | February 10, 2020

The guest OS has reported an error during quiescing. The error code was: 4 The error message was: Quiesce aborted.

Above said error reported in the vCenter server 6.5 management console on one of the Windows server. In the sense, VM snapshot was failed while creating the snapshot. It is a Veritas Netbackup software which was trying to create a snapshot via VMware vCenter.

VMtools installed version on the Windows server is 10346 (10.3.10), which is almost latest version for the year 2020 for vCenter 6.5 u3.

So, what could went wrong here. Have looked at the Backup console to figure out what was error message that has generated when the backup job failed.

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Critical bpbrm (pid=41522) from client : FTL – snapshot creation failed, status 156

Error during quiescing snapshot backup failed with error code 4 status 156

Logged into the vCenter and try to create quiesce snapshot manually. It is also failed with below error –

“Detected an invalid snapshot configuration, a required file was not found”

Steps taken to fix: Reinstalled the VMtools version (clean uninstall and reinstall) and VM snapshot backup failure issue fixed.

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