Errors occurred on the disks of a vSAN host – vSAN 6.6

By | February 10, 2020

vSAN disks error will definitely show impact on the other nodes in the vSAN cluster. During health checks, found this “Errors occurred on the disks of a vSAN host” on one of the ESXi vSAN host.

And also found the below error message when looked at under vSAN tab in the vCenter –

Absent – Object not found
vSAN Object Health status showing as “Inaccessible” and under Compliance Status showing as “Out of Date”
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As per the logs, it is definitely a disk issue which one of the disk gone bad from the RAID 5 configuration.

Errors occurred on the disks of a vSAN host – How did it fixed?

After replacing the bad hard drive from RAID 5, the issue get fixed. We have vSphere vCenter 6.5 with vSAN 6.8 version in our environment.

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