A general system error occurred – vmodl.fault.SystemError

While I’m trying to migrate the guest VM to different host, it is throwing this error – A general system error occurred – vmodl.fault.SystemError. Guest is in powered off state and trying to migrate the guest VM from one Cluster to another with in the same vCenter.

Trying to figure out the situation, but not found clue in the logs. Later identified that, could be a problem with the current VLAN which is configured in the guest VM might not available there in other Cluster.

How did the issue fixed – A general system error occurred – vmodl.fault.SystemError ?

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I did verified that and found that, the current VLAN is not available in other Cluster where the guest VM is supposed to be migrated to.

Just deleted the Network adapter from the Edit Settings option and tried to migrate the session to targeted cluster and it was successful.

It is always recommended to shutdown the guest VM if you would like to do this type of migrations.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I had the same problem today, and now I know how to solve it. I cloned the VM instead. But now I have another solution.


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