How To: Uninstall HP Network Config Utility

By | February 16, 2014

HP Servers by default comes with ‘HP Network Configuration Utility’ that helps to team 2 NIC cards which helps network card redundancy. When we install new HP server model, a CD that helps to install all the required Hardware and Software stuff from that Vendor CD that includes Firmware and PSP pack.

Some time the System Admins would face a problem with HP Network Config utility found in hang state or not responding state that requires a re-installation of the same. Here goes the steps how to uninstall the HP Network Configuration utility from the server –

To uninstall the HP Network Configuration Utility, please follow the below steps –

Go to Windows Start Button –> Settings –> Network Connections.

Right click on one of the network card (NIC card) and select Properties.

Under “this connection uses the following items”, select the HP Network Configuration Utility and click uninstall as shown in the below captured screenshot –


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