How to claim the ‘Outbrain’ key?

By | January 7, 2014

Outbrain will help to drive more traffic to your website by providing the ‘Related Posts’ in the text and image mode which gives more options to the website visitors to view more links and would spend some more time.Outbrain

How to install Outbrain on wordpress?

Outbrain plug-in is available to download from the site, however this will give you only few options. To have more and full option setup of this plug-in, visit website and register yourself.

What after registration with Outbrain?

After registering with outbrain, login with your credentials to add your website or blog into the admin console. After adding the website / blog, it asks whether you need the related posts to be displayed in text mode or image mode.

Depends on your blog type, go with your choice to with text related or image related posts and then follow the steps. After selecting all the options, the Ourbrain will provide a .zip file (plugin config files) that can be downloaded to your local machine.

**Important**: Please make sure you capture the ‘KEY’ in this step.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard, follow the steps as you do the way to install the new plugin. After the installation process, go to Plug-ins page, select ‘Outbrain’, click on settings, provide the ‘KEY’ you capture from the previous screen and activate. In general, we do not think about visiting an urologist because it buy cialis online is a specialized area. I am a 48 year old male, and sometimes I viagra generic sale have to deal with erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is quite a common phenomenon, very few people openly talk about it. viagra without prescription uk Patients having surgery or radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer with the help of certain drugs or medications that work by improving the penile blood supply for an erection. order cialis

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