How to determine VMware Host Storage Multipath enabled or disabled?

By | October 9, 2015

It is always recommended to have storage multipath enabled for the VMware hosts and this will be managed by the Storage team in the background. Storage vendor could be anyone like HP, EMC, IBM, DELL, Brocade, Cisco, NetApp, QLogic etc. System Admin should aware in their working environment whether multipath enabled for all the VM hosts or not. Here goes the steps to know How to determine VMware Host Storage Multipath enabled or disabled?

Login to vCenter
Click the ESXi / ESX host you want to check
Click on the Configuration tab
Click on Storage Adapters

on the right side pane, you will find the HBAs


select the HBA if you want to know the status of the Mulitpathing manually

in the below, you will find Targets information. If it is showing ‘0’, means there is no multipathing available. Based on your environment storage configuration, the paths will be differed.

Example, in your organization, EMC VMAX storage is in use,

then the paths should be 4 and if it is IBM XIV, paths (Targets) should be 8.

How to verify the SAN storage multipath from the VMware vSphere Web Console

Click on the host name, in the right pane click on ‘Manage’ tab
Click on the Storage under ‘Manage’ tab
Click on ‘Storage Adaptors’
Right side you will find the if any Storage Adaptors are available

Now how to verify whether multipath enabled or not

HBA adaptor you will know under Targets as shown in the below picture


If the targets are ‘0’, no multipathing
If the targets are ‘8’, multipathing enabled Avoid fatty foods while consuming this order cialis online anti-impotence drug supports man to get fabulous erection for longer course of time. This malfunction causes the eyelids to become inflamed, discount order viagra irritated, red and itchy. A person can take this medication 15 to 30 minutes after consumption and last order viagra for four to five hours. Using order viagra levitra has been in practice for many years now and has proven to be a successful relationship if you are to succeed on the job.

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