How to fix Veritas Volume Manager Error V-76-58630-524

By | January 18, 2016

Failed to query the file system because there is an application using the volume – how to fix Veritas Volume Manager error V-76-58630-524

The above said error might pop up while you are trying to shrink the storage disk from Veritas Storage Foundation (VSF). Volume Manager has two different names like mentioned above VSF or Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA)

This problem might occur when you are trying to mirror the disk from DMX to VMAX storage. Both DMX and VMAX storage disks should have the same capacity.

Server Admin should verify whether any application really using the storage disk which you are trying to shrink from Volume Manager software.

How to fix Veritas Volume Manager Error V-76-58630-524

How to check whether any application using the storage disk?

Go to Task Manager and verify which are the application services and processes that are running. If you find any process or service try to kill or stop the service from services console.

Important Note: Please make sure you have already taken server or application downtime before you do this activity.

And now try to shrink the disk again from Veritas Volume Manager software, if you still see the same error, this could be issue with disk size.

Solution: You may need contact the Storage admin to provide new bigger disk than DMX disk to mirror with VMAX disk. Example if DMX disk size is 50gb, ask VMAX disk size about 52gb or little more, this should fix the issue.

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