How To: Remote IBM Server IMM Console Password reset steps

By | March 7, 2014

For System administrators and the Infrastructure Support Specialists, this is a routine job those who support remote clients from different countries and places. Many times Admins face the difficulty in accessing the remote servers because of the password doesn’t work from the IMM console.

How to reset or change IMM console password from remote – Windows OS

Before you proceed with the below steps, make sure you check theĀ Windows operating system version and bit whether it is x32 or x64. For each bit version we have different files.

ASU.exe or ASU64.exe files would help us to reset the IMM console password remotely (download this from the website)

Go to the Command Prompt with administrator credentials run the appropriate version (if your server has Windows OS x32 bit Windows 2003 or 2008 Server accordingly choose the right file)

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Once confirm the “USERID”, now you can run the second command to reset the temporary password. Please look at the below screenshot –

In some cases, if you are not able to open the IMM console, please run run the asu64.exe / asu.exe from Command Line and try to reset the IMM console.

Refer this link for more information. This how you can reset or change IMM console password remotely.

5 thoughts on “How To: Remote IBM Server IMM Console Password reset steps

  1. Rajeev

    Could you please help me to reset the imm password for Linux server….???

  2. bill

    How are the commands shown possibly finding the IMM you are talking to without telling it a hostname or network address?
    Isn’t the correct format more like:
    asu64 set IMM.Password.1 welcome123 –host=9.99.999.123

    Why provide half a command without any chance of it ever working for anyone?

    1. steve

      if you run the command from the local machine it will try several methods to connect not just the imm which would require the IP.

    2. Jay

      IMM’s have a default loopback style address at, if you are running the utility locally there is no need to provide ip information as it will connect to this by default

  3. Marco

    cant change the password, my password is always wrong.
    # adding new user
    asu64 set IMM.Password.3 testuser

    # list user
    asu64 show (testuser exist)

    # set password
    asu64 set IMM.Password.3 myPassword123

    But i cant logon with this credentials.
    System x3550 M2 with debian 8.5

    Any ideas?


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