IBM MegaRAID Troubleshooting

By | February 1, 2014

MegaRAID is a IBM’s server software comes along with the server to manage the RAID physical disks. Some times it get stuck or hangs when we try to open from the ‘Programs’ menu as shown below image.


This ‘StartupUI’ file depends on the two services, if those services are in ‘Stopped’ mode, when we try to open this program, it will not show up program correctly.

MRMonitor – Monitors MegaRAID controllers and logs


MSMFramework – MegaRAID Storage Manager Framework service

If found these services are not started mode, please start so that you can see the actual MegaRAID window like below –

In the above figure, need to provide the Username and Password to get the MegaRAID console as like below –



IBM MegaRAID Logical Disk View


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