Init failed on Node – Critical alert found on IBM Flex x440

By | February 11, 2020

Found an error “Init failed” on one of the server IBM Flex System x440 Compute Node 7167 AC1 model. And I’m unable to connect to the remote management console.

Logged into the chassis and verified the logs for the respective server. Found that, there is a communication error reported.

And thought lets try to google it if I can find some information to troubleshoot before I reach out the hardware support to log a case with.

Couldn’t find any matching troubleshooting information related to the error of IBM Flex X440 model server hardware.

Would like to try the virtual reseat option from the chassis console. When tried the virtual reseat of the server (by the way, it needs an outage), server went down completely and it is not powering on after that.
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Logged a case with hardware vendor and uploaded the server logs for their review.

After reviewing the logs by the hardware support engineer, system board needs to be replaced.

This is how the issue got fixed (“init failed” critical error) on IBM Flex System x440 Compute Node 7167AC1 model.

BTW, let me give you hint before I conclude this one. When the system board get replaced, UEFI settings will get changed. So, you need to correct the UEFI settings before you place the server into production.

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