Now Google Adsense allowing to update / correct the Payee Name

By | March 8, 2014

India Bloggers, it is a good news for those who want to Change or Correct their Payee Name in the Adsense accounts. I’m not sure since how long Google allowing this option, few days ago I tried and it is allowing to do so.

Steps to Change the Bank Account in Adsense account:


To Change the bank account in Adsense is a simple process, just click on your “Account” tab. Once you are in your account section, click “Payment Details.”

In “Payment Details” section,  click on “Electronic Funds Transfer” option

Now choose to add a new bank account, type in your new bank account number and thats it. From next payment cycle onwards the new change will take place.


How to Change the Payee Name Google Adsense Account:


Changing your payee name, click on Settings

In the Personal settings, you will find Login email, contact name, contact email, contact phone. In this section, not only you can change or update your name also change your email address as well.

And in the First name, Last name you can directly edit you name and click on ‘Save’ button, thats it.

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Adsense will not permit users to change payee names very often. There is no specific limit to the amount of changes, but do not expect to be allowed to do this more than once. However you can check with latest Google Adsense Policies. tadalafil 100mg This amount gets deposited on the joints and promote mobility and good bone health. A hurdle of impotence might bring cheap online levitra down the sex drive. One has to take his doctor's advice so that the adverse effects can be avoided and the pills should be eaten up just the way it helped me. generic viagra tab tadalafil cheap Depend on fiber, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin diet more often.

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