OneDrive vs SkyDrive – any new offers?

By | February 19, 2014

Microsoft renamed its SkyDrive as OneDrive, this news floating over web since last several weeks and finally today that is done. Now questions arises in the users mind, is there any difference between SkyDrive and OneDrive, lets read this out –

OneDrive vs SkyDrive-difference

SkyDrive vs OneDrive difference:

There is no such difference, it is just only name change. Could be the reason of renaming is to match to the Xbox One naming.

OneDrive is accessible from the Web, Desktop, Mobile devices and Xbox One, Xbox 360 consoles as well.

Storage: OneDrive is free for 7GB of storage space, just like SkyDrive. Microsoft offers perks for users, like the ability to gain 3GB of extra space by enabling their smartphones to automatically upload photos. Friends who join based on referrals from a friend can also earn both the user and the friend an extra 500MB. This can be done up to seven times.

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