Steps to use Veritas VxCBR – Backup/Restore the DGs disk structure

VxCBR utility would help to back up and restore the VERITAS Storage Foundation configuration. This utility does not back up and restore data, it only backups and restore the VERITAS Storage Foundation configuration. That is, the disk group and logical volume layout on a server. How to use VxCBR and syntax: vxcbr -a backup This backs… Read More »

HP SmartStart CD 8.70 (B) x32 x64 bit version direct download link

For HP Server Hardware, PSP (ProLiant Service Pack) is most important and this helps to update the drivers, firmware. This helps to improve the Server Hardware performance, hence it is always recommended to have latest PSP version installed on all the Servers irrespective of the Windows versions and Unix, Linux, HP-UX versions. SmartStart CD 8.7… Read More »