How To: Remote IBM Server IMM Console Password reset steps

For System administrators and the Infrastructure Support Specialists, this is a routine job those who support remote clients from different countries and places. Many times Admins face the difficulty in accessing the remote servers because of the password doesn’t work from the IMM console. How to reset or change IMM console password from remote –… Read More »

DDI package installation steps for Storage Foundation 5.1 on Windows Server

Device Driver Installation (DDI) Package installation steps provided below on Veritas Storage Foundation for Microsoft Windows operating system. For all the windows operating system versions the installation steps are same as like below. Symantec maintains a Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions for Windows products on the Symantec Support… Read More »

OneDrive vs SkyDrive – any new offers?

Microsoft renamed its SkyDrive as OneDrive, this news floating over web since last several weeks and finally today that is done. Now questions arises in the users mind, is there any difference between SkyDrive and OneDrive, lets read this out – SkyDrive vs OneDrive difference: There is no such difference, it is just only name… Read More »

How To: Uninstall HP Network Config Utility

HP Servers by default comes with ‘HP Network Configuration Utility’ that helps to team 2 NIC cards which helps network card redundancy. When we install new HP server model, a CD that helps to install all the required Hardware and Software stuff from that Vendor CD that includes Firmware and PSP pack. Some time the… Read More »