Simple way to create Anti-affinity rule

By | January 4, 2023

There was a request from the application teams to separate the virtual machines to make sure they should not be on the same ESXi host.

Infact, this ask from the application vendor as a recommendation to fix the VM performance issues.

What is Anti-affinity rule in VMware?

An anti-affinity rule specifies that the members of a selected virtual machine DRS group cannot run on the members of a specific host DRS group.

Simple way to create Anti-affinity rule in vCenter 7.0.3

Anti-affinity rule to place a specific group of VMs across multiple hosts by separating each VM in the group to run on a different ESXi host. This feature will helps to improve redundancy.

Lets start creating the anti-affinity rule:

  • Select the Cluster in the vCenter and then go “Configure” tab
  • Under “Configuration” –> VM/Host Rules (see the above picture for reference)
  • Choose the VMs by clicking the “Add” button

and that is it.

This is how very simple way we can create a anti-affinity rule in the vCenter 7.0.3 version.

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