Step by Step Guide: Turn your old TV into a Smart TV with Chromecast device

By | December 22, 2013

Now it is very easy to to browse internet on your old television with Google’s innovative dongle named ‘Chromecast’. This helps to watch movies, videos and search for news from your TV by attaching / installing this Chromecast to your old TV. However your TV should be having or supporting HDMI port (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) otherwise this dongle doesn’t work anyhow.

Here is the Chromcast and HDMI pics how they look like –


Here goes step by step installation:

1. Plug the male HDMI connector to the Chromecast into the HDMI port on you TV as shown in the figure.


2. Switch the input on your TV to the correct HDMI port

3. If you connected correctly and selected the input, then you will see the below figure on your TV screen


4. And follow the setup step by step

5. Make sure you power on the the wireless router. At last it looks for the wireless network information.

Google Chromecast price in India starts from Rs.3299/- to Rs.3900/- depends on the online shopping websites. However on the occasion of Christmas, in USA, is offering for only $29.99 that equals to Indian price Rs.1800 only.

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One thought on “Step by Step Guide: Turn your old TV into a Smart TV with Chromecast device

  1. Robert Casey

    Why can’t I find the info to setup my CHROMECAST device again. It has decided that it will not show the cast icon in upper right corner. Being disabled, I am becoming most frustrated with not being able to once again find the information on how to setup CHROMECAST with my various devices.


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