Steps to enable ESXi Shell to run commands or batch jobs

By | February 13, 2020

As part of the regular job activities, some times, we need to run few commands or batch jobs from ESXi shell. Lets discuss here on steps to enable ESXi Shell to run commands or batch jobs.

Take a remote console of the ESXi host and then login using root or active directory credentials as shown in the below image –

As shown in the below picture, select “Troubleshooting Options” and hit enter

Select “Enable ESXi Shell” option and hit enter to enable the ESXi Shell –

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Once the ESXi Shell gets enabled from host remote console and if you want go to the ESXi Shell command prompt, follow the below steps as shown in the figure –

Step 1: Go to Keyboard option –
(Please note that, this option will vary from Server Hardware model and Server Company. Like example – DELL, HP, IBM, Lenovo will have different names)

Step 2: Server Macros ==> Alt+F’s ==> click on Alt+F1 option

Once you follow the above steps, you should be able to get into the ESXi Shell command prompt.

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