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vMotion error – No guest OS heartbeats are being received

For one of the VM on vCenter 6.5, backup started failing. I tried to take quiesce manually, but, still failing. Thought, try migrating the virtual server to another ESXi host. However, while I’m trying to migrate, it is showing this error – “No guest OS heartbeats are being received. Either the guest OS is not… Read More »

Win 10 Upgrade Free, use default product key from 10 Home to Pro

Does this really work, yes this is been confirmed and answered by Charles from Microsoft To whom this is applicable: If your PC is installed with Windows 10 Home and you would like to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro edition. Microsoft is offering a default product that helps to upgrade with free of cost. Login… Read More »

Command to check Windows ‘Remote Server Uptime’

Infrastructure Support is increasing day by day from remote places and the System Admins / Network Admins would need to know what are the different features of Windows. It helps to work easily with their Client Servers support. Microsoft keep adding more features to its Windows OS by releasing the Patches, fixes and Service Packs.… Read More »