Windows stopped at ‘Applying Computer Settings’ after installing Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows

Today we tried installing / upgrading the Veritas Storage Foundation aka Storage Foundation for Windows version upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1, however after upgradation of Storage Foundation it is stopped or hanged much of time at ‘Applying Computer Settings’ screen, rebooted couple of times however the issues remains same. Suspected could be an issue with … Read more

Error V-39-53246-2 A plug-in component may be corrupt

This is the error popped up today when I try to launch the Veritas Storage Foundation (Symantec Storage Foundation for Windows) from the Windows 2003 server. It has a option to retry Yes or No, even after clicked on ‘Yes’ button no luck. How to solve this error: Error V-39-53246-2 A plug-in component may be … Read more