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The Update option values operation failed error on vCenter 6.5

I’ve received that above said error message or warning in the vCenter 6.5 when I’m trying to configure the scratch volume for a ESXi host. The Update option values operation failed for the entity with the following error message – A specified parameter was not correct. Let me give you an insight what actually I’m… Read More »

VM backup job hangs when server has more than 24 disks

In our VMware environment, VM snapshot backup is keep failing or going into hung state after initiating the backup job on couple of virtual servers which has more than 24 disks. We use Veritas Netbackup as a backup solution in our VMware infrastructure environment and we have couple of netbackup appliances. There are two methods… Read More »

vMotion error – No guest OS heartbeats are being received

For one of the VM on vCenter 6.5, backup started failing. I tried to take quiesce manually, but, still failing. Thought, try migrating the virtual server to another ESXi host. However, while I’m trying to migrate, it is showing this error – “No guest OS heartbeats are being received. Either the guest OS is not… Read More »

Why Virtual machine shows its status as orphaned in the vCenter?

Today, I found one of the Linux virtual server showing its status as orphaned. In our VMware environment, we use vCenter 6.5 web client to manage our virtual server infrastructure. I never found this type of VM status in the last few years in our environment. Then, I’ve started checking the virtual machine events and… Read More »