What is ROBO vSAN, where should we implement?

ROBO (Remote Office Branch Office) vSAN is a version of VMware’s vSAN (Virtual SAN) software that is designed for use in remote office or branch office environments. ROBO vSAN allows for the creation of a distributed storage cluster using local storage resources in remote offices, while still being managed centrally from a main office or … Read more

Easy way to deploy an appliance with OVA or OVF file in the vCenter

How easily we can provision or deploy an appliance in the vCenter management console with a customer provided OVA or OVF file. Before you start, need to check the cluster capacity where the appliance can be accommodated. Based on the cluster capacity, you can plan the appliance deployment. Step 1: Go to the cluster and … Read more

How to determine VMware Host Storage Multipath enabled or disabled?


It is always recommended to have storage multipath enabled for the VMware hosts and this will be managed by the Storage team in the background. Storage vendor could be anyone like HP, EMC, IBM, DELL, Brocade, Cisco, NetApp, QLogic etc. System Admin should aware in their working environment whether multipath enabled for all the VM … Read more