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[SOLVED] Cluster or private disk group has lost access to a majority of its disks, its reservation thread has been stopped

The subject error message caused the Cluster groups automatically failover to the second node in the cluster due to the error occurred with regards to the Microsoft Cluster quorum disk. Hence some what the applications and databases are interrupted few seconds until it fail over completely to the another node. If the alert monitoring set… Read More »

Download VSF 5.1SP2 (SFW) CP17 & CP19 Links

Veritas Storage Foundation (VSF) or Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW) latest patch released by the Veritas CP19 that can be download from the below given link. The previous version CP17 download link also available, however that is been named as ‘obsolete’ now. CP17 & CP19 are for the Storage Foundation for Windows High Availability, Storage… Read More »

How to determine Veritas Cumulative Patch installed – CP on Windows VSF

This post will give you the information about Veritas Storage Foundation Cumulative Patch whether installed or not, if installed which version is installed. This is specific to the Microsoft Windows operating system environment. Veritas Storage Foundation in short name called VSF or VEA (VEA – Veritas Enterprise Administrator) is used to manage the storage volumes.… Read More »

VMAX to XIV storage migration

From server side with respect to windows environment, we need to make sure that the qualifications should be met whether the same VMAX qualifications will work after migrating to XIV storage storage. Hence, on the server side, need to make sure you have the latest patches applied. Here goes the patches like below which need… Read More »