New Security features in VMware vCenter 8.0

VMware vCenter 8.0 includes several new security features to enhance the security of virtualized environments. Some of the new security features in vCenter 8.0 include: Enhanced Security for the vCenter Server Appliance: vCenter 8.0 includes hardened security for the vCenter Server Appliance, with improved firewalling, enhanced access controls, and improved logging capabilities. Improved Identity and … Read more

List of esxcli commands in VMware ESXi 8.0

As a system administrator, it is important to be familiar with a variety of esxcli commands in VMware ESXi 8.0 to effectively manage and troubleshoot your ESXi host and virtual machines. Some esxcli commands that a system administrator should know include: Here is a list of some common esxcli commands in VMware ESXi 8.0: esxcli … Read more