Different versions available in vSphere 8

vSphere 8 is the latest version of VMware’s virtualization platform. It is available in several different versions, including: vSphere 8 Standard: This is the basic version of vSphere, which includes the vCenter Server for managing virtual machines and hosts, as well as the vSphere client for creating and managing virtual machines. vSphere 8 Enterprise Plus: … Read more

Best Practices for VMware environment

Here are some best practices for maintaining a VMware environment: Regularly update software: Keep all VMware software, including vSphere, vCenter, and ESXi, up-to-date with the latest patches and updates. This will ensure that you have the latest security and performance enhancements. Backup and disaster recovery: Regularly backup your virtual machines and have a disaster recovery … Read more

New features in VMware vCenter 8.0, ESXi OS Hypervisor 8.0 and Cloud related

VMware vSphere 8.0 includes several new features related to the ESXi hypervisor, vCenter Server, and cloud integration: ESXi Hypervisor 8.0 new features: Improved support for modern hardware, including support for the latest processors, memory, and storage devices Improved scalability and performance through features such as vSphere Persistent Memory and vSphere Virtual NVMe vSphere with Kubernetes … Read more

vROps VM NBU snapshot failing

In our environment Netbackup throwed an error and when I looked at the VM, vROps VM NBU snapshot failing. We have vRealize Operations Manager version 7.0.3 and it is a virtual server. It is getting backup using Vertias Netbackup software. I looked at the VM events and found the below error: vROps VM NBU snapshot … Read more

Steps to enable ESXi Shell to run commands or batch jobs

As part of the regular job activities, some times, we need to run few commands or batch jobs from ESXi shell. Lets discuss here on steps to enable ESXi Shell to run commands or batch jobs. Take a remote console of the ESXi host and then login using root or active directory credentials as shown … Read more