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Open vmware-cip-launcher.exe? – why this pops up every time I open a vCenter from a Chrome web browser?

CIP in full form Client Integration Plug-in. To enable the OVF functionality on the vCenter, CIP needs to be installed. Otherwise, vCenter will not allow to provision a VM from a OVA or OVF template. How to download Client Integration Plug-in or Enhanced Authentication Plugin? Open your vCenter from a browser and in the below… Read More »

How to fix “vSphere Web Client session is no longer authenticated” error?

I’ve faced a new issue today with the vSphere Web Client version 6.5 u3. I’ve been logged into the vCenter server since last two hours. When I’m trying to search a VM, the search result was failed and popped up this error “vSphere Web Client session is no longer authenticated. Click OK to log in… Read More »

503 Service Unavailable error vCenter 6.5

503 Service Unavailable error vCenter 6.5 – Failed to connect to end point. This is the error received while I’m trying to connect to the vSphere web client. Here is the complete error – 503 Service Unavailable (Failed to connect to endpoint: [class Vmacore::Http::NamedPipeServiceSpec:0x00000054e11c82d0] _serverNamespace = / action = Allow _pipeName =\\.\pipe\vmware-vpxd-webserver-pipe) I’ve immediately logged… Read More »

How to determine VMware Host Storage Multipath enabled or disabled?

It is always recommended to have storage multipath enabled for the VMware hosts and this will be managed by the Storage team in the background. Storage vendor could be anyone like HP, EMC, IBM, DELL, Brocade, Cisco, NetApp, QLogic etc. System Admin should aware in their working environment whether multipath enabled for all the VM… Read More »