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vSAN Health Test ‘Network latency check’ status changed from ‘yellow’ to ‘green’

vCenter alarm: vSAN Health Test ‘Network latency check’ status changed from ‘yellow’ to ‘green’ The change in status from “yellow” to “green” in the vSAN Health Test “Network Latency Check” likely indicates that the network latency has improved to a level that is within the acceptable range for vSAN. In vSAN, network latency is one… Read More »

vSAN Health Test ‘Hosts disconnected from VC’ alarm

The “Hosts disconnected from VC” alarm in vSAN Health Test is triggered when one or more hosts in a vSAN cluster are disconnected from the vCenter Server. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including network connectivity issues, vCenter Server or host failures, or maintenance activities. When this alarm is triggered, the vSAN cluster… Read More »

VM backup job hangs when server has more than 24 disks

In our VMware environment, VM snapshot backup is keep failing or going into hung state after initiating the backup job on couple of virtual servers which has more than 24 disks. We use Veritas Netbackup as a backup solution in our VMware infrastructure environment and we have couple of netbackup appliances. There are two methods… Read More »