Can we resize or extend disk contains pagefile?

Can we resize or extend disk contains pagefile

In Microsoft Windows 2003 Server operating system, if any disk that has pagefile configured with, will not allow to extend the disk with diskpart command line commands. Here the reason we are using diskpart.exe is, there is no extend option available in GUI as like the next version of Windows 2008 and 2012 server OS. … Read more

How to use Fixquorum correctly


For Windows System Administrators those who work around on Clusters on a daily basis ‘Fixquorum’ is a well known word how does this help to fix the cluster related issues. This articles talks about how to use the Fixquorum correctly and when it is required to use. Fixquorum command helps to troubleshoot the when the … Read more

How to get installed programs, softwares, hotfixes list from a remote computer or server


Microsoft operating system provide different few built-in tools, some of them can be downloaded from the sysinternals website. Every System Admin is required to know about these tools how to grab the installed software on a  local or remote computer or a server. This feature or option available on all the Microsoft OS like Windows … Read more