How to use Fixquorum correctly

By | November 27, 2014

For Windows System Administrators those who work around on Clusters on a daily basis ‘Fixquorum’ is a well known word how does this help to fix the cluster related issues. This articles talks about how to use the Fixquorum correctly and when it is required to use.

Fixquorum command helps to troubleshoot the when the Cluster service didn’t come up online that is related to the quorum resource issue. The fixquorum command allows to start the cluster service even if there are problems with quorum resource. However, can apply this fix on only one single node at a time that can be started using this command from either Command Prompt or Run.

Please note that you can’t join any other nodes to the node started using this fixquorum command.

Here is the syntax how to use:

clussvc /debug /fixquorum

  • When the fixquorum command is issued on a particular node, the Cluster service will get started, however all the resources, including the quorum resource, remain offline.
  • System or Server Administrator manually bring the quorum resource online and that helps to diagnose quorum device failures.
  • Most of the cases, the fixquorum helps to resolve the cluster issues. And this is depends on the Cluster health and quorum resource dependencies.QuorumFix-Cluster

Another Tip How to substitute the quorum disk with new disk or how to start the Cluster Service without quorum disk?

  • Basically, in order to start up the Cluster Service without the Quorum resource you need to edit the service from services and put in a switch as explained below.
  • Type services.msc at Run command, select the Cluster service, right click and edit the ClusterService and add “/fixquorum” as a startup parameter and then start the service.
  • Once the service has started up with the /fixquorum option you can then run clusterrecovery.exe. The “Clusterrecovery.exe” would allow you to substitute a new disk for the Quorum disk. Once you have done that and it will get replaced with the quorum disk and then you will be able to restart the ClusterService with the /fixquorum option and it should start up correctly.
  • Here goes the Microsoft link that talks about the above said, click here

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