vMotion error – No guest OS heartbeats are being received

By | February 8, 2020

For one of the VM on vCenter 6.5, backup started failing. I tried to take quiesce manually, but, still failing. Thought, try migrating the virtual server to another ESXi host. However, while I’m trying to migrate, it is showing this error – “No guest OS heartbeats are being received. Either the guest OS is not responding or VMware Tools is not configured correctly“.

vMotion error – No guest OS heartbeats are being received

  • It is a Windows 2012 OS server and lets try to reboot the server and see if that helps.
  • Server rebooted and up.
  • Tried to take / create the quiesce snapshot, but, no luck

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vMotion error - No guest OS heartbeats are being received

Snapshot creation is simply failing without throwing any proper error information or code.

With no other thoughts, have uninstalled vmtools and re-installed. And that has fixed the backup failure.

This fix will work irrespective of the OS version whether it is Microsoft Windows, Redhat Linux and its flavour operating systems like SuSE, zLinux etc.

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