VMware recalled its newly released VM Tools Version 10.3.0

By | September 7, 2018

Yes, its true – VMware recalled its newly released VMware Tools Version 10.3.0 as they found two issues with vmxnet3 driver which are being investigated. The identified issues are – network disconnection issue and a PSOD (Purple Screen of Death) issue (yes, unfortunately of the host).

VMware Tools Version 10.3.0 Recall and Workaround Recommendations (57796)

There is a KB article released by VMware in this September month (https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/57796). VMware has been made aware of issues in some vSphere ESXi 6.5 configurations with the VMXNET3 network driver for Windows that was released with VMware Tools 10.3.0. As a result, VMware has recalled the VMware Tools 10.3.0 release. This release has been removed from the VMware Downloads page.

What is causing with VMware tools version 10.3.0

In certain configurations, the VMXNET3 driver released with VMware Tools 10.3.0 can result in a Purple Diagnostic Screen (PSOD) or guest network connectivity loss.
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Important note:
So far the PSOD has only been seen when using VM hardware version 13 (available in vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 only). It has also been identified in Windows 8 and up and Windows Server 2012 and up.

VMware will be releasing a revised version of the VMware Tools 10.3 family as soon as is feasible. VMware recommends that any VMs running VMware Tools 10.3.0 be upgraded to the new release when applicable.

To conclude that, it is recommend backing any VMware Tools 10.3.0 VMs which use the vmxnet3 driver back to 10.2.5. The release is being recalled but If you can’t back off a VM; then you may want to change the nic to another supported nic until the fix is released. So far, no other drivers are reported impacted. Hence, VMware recalled its newly released VMware Tools Version 10.3.0 and recommended to install 10.2.5 which is quite stable version at present.

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