A Volume Shadow Copy Service operation error has occurred: (0x800423f0)

By | June 10, 2014

Tried the system state backup on ‘Cluster A’ and it is failed with the error as like below –

A Volume Shadow Copy Service operation failed. Please check “VSS” and “SPP” application event logs for more information.

A Volume Shadow Copy Service operation error has occurred: (0x800423f0)
The shadow-copy set only contains only a subset of the volumes needed to correctly backup the selected components of the writer.

We made the following registry changes on both the nodes to make sure that we can backup to the critical volumes.

To enable the System State Backup files to be targeted to critical volumes, you must set the value of the AllowSSBToAnyVolume registry entry under the following registry subkey:


Set the value of this entry as follows:

Name: AllowSSBToAnyVolume
Data type    : DWORD
Value data    : 1

Note: When this value is set to 1, system state backups to any volume are enabled. To revert to the default behavior, set the value to 0.

  • We identified the following hotfix to be installed on the server http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2457458
  • After the hotfix was installed, we tested the System State Backup using Windows Backup i.e. cmd > Wbadmin start systemstatebackup –backuptarget:d: — It was successful
  • We then tested the Full backup of the ‘Node A’ using Netbackup , and it was successful
  • We performed the same Steps on ‘Node B’ after moving all the resources to ‘B Node’
  • System state backup = Successful
  • Full backup using Netbackup = Successful

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