vROps VM NBU snapshot failing

By | January 4, 2023

In our environment Netbackup throwed an error and when I looked at the VM, vROps VM NBU snapshot failing.

We have vRealize Operations Manager version 7.0.3 and it is a virtual server. It is getting backup using Vertias Netbackup software.

I looked at the VM events and found the below error:

vROps VM NBU snapshot failing

vROps VM NBU snapshot failing – Status 150 error

It is not writing single byte to the backup snapshot. The status continuously showing the same from hours together. Have cancelled the NBU snapshot backup for the VM.

vROps VM is an appliance. Have launched the web console and found few errors on the screen. Looks to be the VM is in hung state and not allowing any commands to receive.

To fix the backup issue, have rebooted the vROps appliance.

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