What is UEFI Primary and Backup banks?

By | August 21, 2018

It is System admin’s task to make sure all the Server UEFI firmware version up to date. System Administrators should know the below points regarding UEFI Primary and Backup banks.

IMM2 provides dual banks both primary and backup of isolated IMM2 firmware image to improve system availability and to provide system recovery function. During normal operation, IMM2 always boots from the primary bank. Backup bank provides system recovery function in the event of a firmware failure in primary bank.

The backup IMM bank is not an exact copy of the primary bank and should only be used for recovering the primary bank in the event of a firmware failure. The backup bank firmware level may be older than the primary and the configuration settings will be different as well. You should not run from the backup bank for an extended period of time, only long enough to update and recover the primary bank.

UEFI Primary and Backup banks update best practices:

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How the server behaves after UEFI firmware flash update:

Server needs to be rebooted after UEFI Primary and Backup banks version upgrade. After reboot, server takes time depends on the serve configuration like about 15-20 minutes or little more time. There may be chances that, after upgrading the UEFI flash firmware version, server goes into hung state if the firmware upgrade doesn’t go well. There are recovery steps that needs to be followed to bring back the server online.

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