Why Virtual machine shows its status as orphaned in the vCenter?

By | July 2, 2019

Today, I found one of the Linux virtual server showing its status as orphaned. In our VMware environment, we use vCenter 6.5 web client to manage our virtual server infrastructure.

I never found this type of VM status in the last few years in our environment. Then, I’ve started checking the virtual machine events and tasks.

I found the virtual server status showing as ‘powered off’ from the Summary tab. However, getting the ping response and able to remote desktop to the server without any issues.

Why Virtual machine shows its status as orphaned in the vCenter?

Virtual machines that reside on an ESXi host managed by vCenter Server might become orphaned in rare cases. Such virtual machines exist in the vCenter Server database, but the ESXi host no longer recognises them.

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Virtual machines can become orphaned if a host fail over is unsuccessful, or when the virtual machine is unregistered directly on the host. If this situation occurs, move the orphaned virtual machine to another host in the datacenter that has access to the datastore on which the virtual machine files are stored.

However, when I’m trying to migrate the orphaned state virtual server, it is not giving an option to select to migrate. Hence, I’ve decided to place the ESXi host in maintenance where the orphaned state VM currently living on.

All the other virtual servers are migrated to another host, but the orphaned state VM didn’t migrate. It is still living there on the same ESXi host and the host didn’t move completely into maintenance mode.

Then I followed this step to fix the issue – click here

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