Win 10 Upgrade Free, use default product key from 10 Home to Pro

By | December 23, 2015

Does this really work, yes this is been confirmed and answered by Charles from Microsoft

To whom this is applicable:
If your PC is installed with Windows 10 Home and you would like to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro edition. Microsoft is offering a default product that helps to upgrade with free of cost.

  • Login to your laptop / desktop, verify whether your system has Windows 10 Home running version 1511.

Now change the existing Product Key with Windows 10 Pro default key. Here is the steps how to do that –

  • Open Settings > Update & Security Activation Change Product key. Enter this product key in the provided space

Default Product Key to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro: VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T

This default key will not activate the product, it will just take you to Pro version so you can activate using a valid Pro key that you need to provide. Once you complete the above said steps, the system will go through an upgrade process from Home to Pro, but will not be activated on Pro. Now you may need to enter your Windows 8 Pro key into your Windows 10 Pro system and it will activate.


Your Windows 10 Home will get upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, however, your the Pro version copy will not be activated automatically.

To activate, can use the Windows 8 Pro key or can buy a product license key and enter it to get this version activated. Clicking on the Go to Store button will take you to the Windows Store, where you can complete your purchase. One can get this medicine exist online viagra on sale cheapest in economical price; to get it deliver at your home order online today itself. professional viagra The two genders get completely engrossed in each other and experience the most beautiful moments of mankind. The medication is not generic cialis cipla recommended for people suffering from other anxiety disorders have diminished basal ganglia volume ( Joaquim 2010). 1/3/ to of adults develop OCD in childhood (POTS 2004).The majority of children do not manifest full motor signs that are suggestive of cerebral palsy until aged 1-2 years. It also supplements your body with carbohydrates and fiber to maintain healthy muscle canada cialis mass.

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