Ziddu Pay Desktop App Review – Earn easy money with Ziddu

By | May 1, 2014

Ziddu.com is a famous File share database and now comes with Ziddu Pay Desktop App which helps to earn some money when you keep that open as long as you work on a computer. This displays ads, just for keep that app alive and open you will earn money.

Just Sign in and download the ‘Ziddu Pay’ app from ziddu.com site. Once you done with this, just click on the app and that will get open and will keep alive on the right hand side of your laptop / desktop.

After few mins, then you will found that your computer / laptop will get slows down. If you check Task Manager and CPU performance, it shows you 100% CPU utilization as shown in the below picture – (Ziddu Pay Desktop Review)


After installing, the CPU utilization showing very high


Ziddu.exe will show here less memory consuming, when you go to ‘Performance’ tab, can see the real utilization how much it is utilizing


Kill or End the process


When I checked how many applications are running, I see only Ziddu app

Ziddu Pay app might provide you a chance to earn money, however, at the same time your laptop or desktop memory eats 100%. This is still in beta phase, if those are using, can send out an information to Ziddu team so that they rectify it.

Those who are continuously sitting on the computer, this app helps to earn some amount of money.

How Ziddu.com will pay the amount to the Customer or User?

Once your earnings reach $2 or above, Ziddu will send you the money via Skrill, Wire Transfer or BitCoin Besides, these supplements are also effective for longer and harder erection when rubbed on the penis, can enhance erection. generic sildenafil canada check out for more After this was seen; many made a good research to find out viagra on line the reason behind the irregular and not so firm erections made by men. These products not only just enhance the nature of erection to the point purchasing viagra australia where you will have the capacity to appreciate an ordinary sex without being occupied by a coming up short erection. levitra online Surgical intervention includes removal of blood clots, repairing of fracture and urethral tissue.

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