Download Link Free Windows 10 Build 10074 ISO Image

By | May 3, 2015

Now Microsoft new operating system Windows 10 ISO image is readily available now those who wants to evaluate this OS. Microsoft is officially announced and released Windows 10 build 10074.

This ISO image can be used like a DVD and USB Flash drive however using the free utility like Rufus and Microsoft’s Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. Using this, can do the clean install on your any test computer.

Win10-ISOimageUsing Oracle’s free Virtual Box or using Hyper-V in windows 8.1, this new windows 10 build ISO image can be installed on Virtual Machine.

Download Link Free Windows 10 Build 10074 ISO Image Now

There are 2 ways to down this new ISO image. If you want to download via Windows Insider, need to register yourself and download

Here is another way of downloading directly, just click on the below links

Free Win10 build 10074 latest ISO download link –

Windows 10 x86 ISO

Windows 10 x64 ISO

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