How to fix “vSphere Web Client session is no longer authenticated” error?

By | February 11, 2020

I’ve faced a new issue today with the vSphere Web Client version 6.5 u3. I’ve been logged into the vCenter server since last two hours. When I’m trying to search a VM, the search result was failed and popped up this error “vSphere Web Client session is no longer authenticated. Click OK to log in again“.

Surprised by seeing the above vCenter authentication error message. Because, I’ve logged into the vCenter server with Single Sign-On authentication method (Windows authentication). SSO method working perfectly with out any issues so far after installing Enhanced Authentication Plugin (this allows SSO authentication).

However, I’ve closed the current window and re-opened a new browser window and logged in to the vCenter without any issue.

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Found some thing that talks about Google Chrome version 45 update creating issues while we are working with vSphere Web Client. However, that has been fixed after installing Client Integration Plugin 6.0.0 version and above.

I’ve looked at what is currently installed version of Client Integration Plugin and found it is 6.5.0 which is a good sign. But, why it is throwing the “vSphere Web Client session is no longer authenticated” error.

Couldn’t find any more information about this error. However, I’m keep searching if I found any fix for this error, will update here in this post. If you guys find any fix, please update here in comments.

One thought on “How to fix “vSphere Web Client session is no longer authenticated” error?

  1. hurr

    I dont think this is related to the plugin.
    I have this problem on my lab system where i do not run any LDAP integration, nor have the plugin installed.

    Chrome Version 80.0.3987.163


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