Zerto Platform 9.7 U1 supports vSphere 8

Yes, Zerto Platform 9.7 Update 1 (U1) does support VMware vSphere 8. Zerto provides disaster recovery and data protection solutions for virtualized and cloud environments, and the platform is compatible with a variety of VMware vSphere versions, including vSphere 8. Zerto 9.7 U1 provides several new features and enhancements to help organizations with their disaster … Read more

vSphere 8 Architecture Model

VMware vSphere 8 is a virtualization platform for building and managing virtual infrastructure. The architecture of vSphere 8 consists of several components, including: ESXi Hosts: The physical servers that run the virtualized workloads. vCenter Server: A centralized management platform for vSphere infrastructure. vSphere Client: A graphical user interface for managing and configuring vSphere infrastructure. vSphere … Read more

vSphere 8 VMFS version 8 new features

vSphere 8 uses VMFS version 8. VMFS 8 is the latest version of VMware’s Virtual Machine File System, which is used to store virtual machine disk files on shared storage. It offers the following new features. vSphere 8 VMFS version 8 new features: Larger block size: Supports block size of 64 MB to enhance performance … Read more

Updating VMFS version from 5 to 6 while the VMs running on the datastore

Question: Can we update VMFS version from 5 to 6 while the VMs running on the datastore? No, it’s not recommended to update the VMFS version while the VMs are running on the datastore. This can cause data corruption and lead to the loss of virtual machines. It’s best to schedule a maintenance window and … Read more

Cloud supportive features available in vSphere 8.0 version

vSphere 8.0, the latest version of VMware’s virtualization platform, includes several cloud-related features such as: Native Kubernetes support, allowing for the deployment and management of containerized workloads. Direct Connect, which allows for the creation of secure, low-latency connections to public cloud providers such as AWS and Azure. Improved multi-cloud management capabilities through the vSphere with … Read more