How to fix Veritas Volume Manager Error V-76-58630-524

How to fix Veritas Volume Manager Error V-76-58630-524

Failed to query the file system because there is an application using the volume – how to fix Veritas Volume Manager error V-76-58630-524 The above said error might pop up while you are trying to shrink the storage disk from Veritas Storage Foundation (VSF). Volume Manager has two different names like mentioned above VSF or … Read more

Steps to use Veritas VxCBR – Backup/Restore the DGs disk structure

VxCBR utility would help to back up and restore the┬áVERITAS Storage Foundation configuration. This utility does not back up and restore data, it only backups and restore the VERITAS Storage Foundation configuration. That is, the disk group and logical volume layout on a server. How to use VxCBR and syntax: vxcbr -a backup This backs … Read more

DDI package installation steps for Storage Foundation 5.1 on Windows Server

Device Driver Installation (DDI) Package installation steps provided below on Veritas Storage Foundation for Microsoft Windows operating system. For all the windows operating system versions the installation steps are same as like below. Symantec maintains a Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions for Windows products on the Symantec Support … Read more

Windows stopped at ‘Applying Computer Settings’ after installing Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows

Today we tried installing / upgrading the Veritas Storage Foundation aka Storage Foundation for Windows version upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1, however after upgradation of Storage Foundation it is stopped or hanged much of time at ‘Applying Computer Settings’ screen, rebooted couple of times however the issues remains same. Suspected could be an issue with … Read more

Error V-39-53246-2 A plug-in component may be corrupt

This is the error popped up today when I try to launch the Veritas Storage Foundation (Symantec Storage Foundation for Windows) from the Windows 2003 server. It has a option to retry Yes or No, even after clicked on ‘Yes’ button no luck. How to solve this error: Error V-39-53246-2 A plug-in component may be … Read more