EMC Grabs error: ‘The system cannot find the specified path’ – [Resolved]

By | March 11, 2014

EMC grabs tools is from the EMC corporation which helps to get the Server Configuration info of almost all like HBA info, HOST info, INQ report, MPIO, Network settings info, Cluster info etc. This tool in fact really helpful when you are doing any activity, before that if you run it and grab the report.

Today, I was trying to run the EMCRPTS___.exe (x64 / x32 bit) version on one of the server, however I see a new error message throwing like ‘The system cannot find the specified path’ and in few seconds it came out without prodcuing a grabs report.

I was keep trying trying for several times, however no luck and my efforts are in vain. Then started investing what could be cause and why it is not creating a report. Later some time, found that issue is with the existing EMCReports folder which is causing the issue. This is only doubt on my mind and delted the existing folder in the path c:\windows\emcreports.

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Indeed, EMCRPTS.exe file tries to create a folder called EMCReports in c:\windows path. Since this folder already exists and looks like it is not allowing to overwrite the information. Hence, removed the EMCReports folder from the c:\windows directory and re-run the EMCRPTS.exe file.

And then created the new¬†EMCgrabs report file and that’s it.

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