System Management Software 1 SEL Fullness – IBM Lenovo Flex x440 hardware

By | September 12, 2018

After rebooting the server, started seeing this error message System Management Software 1 SEL Fullness – IBM Lenovo Flex x440 hardware. This server has ESXi hyper visor operating system and it is a IBM Pureflex hardware. And also an alarm received like ‘Hardware sensor state‘ error (Status of other host hardware objects).

Logged into the IBM Lenovo pureflex chassis console to look for the errors if any related to hardware. But, none found.

Logged into vCenter web client to look for any events / tasks related to this error. Found that, there is an error showing up related to “System Management Software 1 SEL Fullness“.

And also found that, there are few events like ‘Refresh hardware IPMI System Event log’ along with few other events.

How did I fix this error – System Management Software 1 SEL Fullness?

Login into the ESXi host via putty session and ran the below command to fix the issue –

localcli hardware ipmi sel clear

This warning message is due to the system event logs full on the ESXi host and the above said command will clear that error or message.

Alert will get triggered under Monitor tab ==> Issues ==> Triggered Alarms section

Status of other host hardware objects critical error on ESXi Physical server:

On the ESXi hosts summary tab shows the above error as Critical as shown in the below picture –System Management Software 1 SEL Fullness

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With this simple command I’ve fixed the “System Management Software 1 SEL Fullness” or “Status of other host hardware objects” warning in the vCenter server.

One thought on “System Management Software 1 SEL Fullness – IBM Lenovo Flex x440 hardware

  1. Kal

    that worked… thanks for posting this…

    had been looking a way to fix this for a long time…


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