Unable to find the virtual machine backup error 4239

By | July 15, 2019

Unable to find the virtual machine backup error 4239 – VM backups are failing with 4239 error. When we receive this error, have tried to sign-in to the respective Windows vCenter whether it is accessible or not.

I’m not able to connect to the vCenter server webclient from the browser (have tried connecting from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox). Our vCenter server version 6.5 update 2d. Tried to remote desktop (RDP) to the Windows 2016 vCenter server (it is not an appliance).

Unable to find the virtual machine backup error 4239

Have looked at the vpxd log file by accessing the below folder path –

d:\programdata\VMware\vCenterServer\logs\vmware-vpx\vpxd log file

From the vpxd log file, I couldn’t find any suspicious information related to the vCenter database or vCenter services related errors.

However, I also logged into the Windows SQL database cluster server and verified the SQL database drives to see any space issue (some times, the drive space gets full). All the drives has adequate free space available.

I also looked at the vCenter services to make sure, whether all the required services that are running. The VM backups are still failing with 4239 error.

Windows OS vCenter 6.5 services:

  • VMware vCenter Configuration Service
  • VMware Service Lifecycle Manager
  • VMware afd Service

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If you restart “VMware vCenter Configuration Service”, the rest two services will get restarted automatically (the above said services should always in “Running” state)

The virtual server backups are still failing with “Unable to find the virtual machine backup error 4239” error message.

Then I’ve decided to restart the vCenter services. And, after restarting the above said Windows 2016 operating system vCenter services, able to connect to the vCenter webclient from the browser.

At this point, I conclude that, vCenter services might have frozen and that has caused the VM backups are failing with 4239 error. However, it is always advised to check with the vendors (both VMware and Veritas netbackup) as well to figure out the exact root cause of the issue. In my case, vCenter services restart has solved the backup failure error.

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