Easy way to deploy an appliance with OVA or OVF file in the vCenter

By | February 11, 2020

How easily we can provision or deploy an appliance in the vCenter management console with a customer provided OVA or OVF file. Before you start, need to check the cluster capacity where the appliance can be accommodated.

Based on the cluster capacity, you can plan the appliance deployment.

Step 1: Go to the cluster and right click, select the option “Deploy OVF Template“.

You can select a ESXi host as well under any cluster which you feel the required capacity is available to provision the appliance. And the follow the same steps.

Step 2: In the next window, either you can choose by providing an URL or
if the OVA / OVF already downloaded to your local machine or shared drive, browse and select the path.

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Step 3: In the next window, it asks for the name of the appliance and also asks to choose if you want to place this appliance in a specific folder. If yes, choose the folder name which you have already created. If not, please create a folder and then choose.

Step 4: Next step would be choosing the Cluster name along with ESXi host name

Step 5: And in next steps / window, it asks to select / choose the configuration and also asks to select the datastore name where this appliance needs to stored.

And that is it.

It is really easy way you can deploy an appliance. However, some times, need to provision the appliance from command line as vCenter will not allow to provision older configuration OVA or OVF files.

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